Pre /Post Nuptials

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements, or prenups, have such a distasteful reputation, but when you give prenups some thought, not only do they make sense but may actually strengthen the bond of matrimony. What Jason, have you lost it? How does planning what will happen if a marriage fails help strengthen a marriage?

First, when formulating a prenup the soon to be married couple must disclose all financial information. This disclosure brings to light the strengths and weaknesses that each person may have concerning finances. That means, before the couple is even married, they are already having frank, real, and enlightening conversations about the number one cause of divorce! These conversations are likely to eliminate undiscovered expectations and fears.

Second, when crafted correctly, a prenup can effectively allocate resources, keeping some as an individual partners responsibility (think debts that someone may bring to the marriage) or protect the interests of individuals (thing family heirlooms or antiques).

Finally, its beneficial and fairer when the couple thinks about such issues when they approach the issue from a place of support, peace, and love as opposed to feelings of anger, fear, or retribution that often present themselves in times of dissolution. And to top it off, when each party knows exactly what may happen if the divorce should be dissolved, a prenup may act as both a comfort and deterrent to parties regarding their responsibilities in the marriage.

For these reasonsI think that prenups may actually strengthen the bonds of matrimony and increase the chances of success! What are you waiting for? If you are already married, it is not to late! A couple can enter into Postnuptial Agreements as well! Call today!

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